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Over the years I have collected some very useful resource links, and have grouped them below for your perusal.  The first section are links to other sites offering web design graphics, tutorials for creating your own web graphics if that's what you'd like to do.  In the second section I've placed links to some great resources including ellusive script codes you can use to make your site come alive.  The links in these two sections are not listed in any particular order, so please visit each to see which sites you would like to bookmark.  If you feel so inclined, In the last section you'll find links to some of my friends in the Internet graphics community.  These folks are extremely talented, and their sites are well worth the visit.  I'll be adding more links to this page as I find them, oh and one last thing, if you find any "broken" links here, PLEASE let me know.

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DAZ 3D - Web Badge

DAZ 3D — DAZ has made it easier than ever before to become a 3D artist.  Membership is free, so click the banner above and join me at DAZ 3D.  Download the free DAZ Studio software.  Your heard me correctly, it's FREE.  What could be better than FREE?  DAZ Studio will allow you to create wonderful 3D renders without the necessity of expensive software.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page at DAZ 3D for a PDF Manual for an intro into how to use DAZ Studio.  Also be sure to scroll down on the download page for a link to a free pack of content you can use in DAZ Studio.  When you get comfortable with DAZ Studio, become a Platinum Club member at DAZ 3D for a nominal monthly fee and enjoy great savings on their wonderful products.  Once you're a Platinum Club member you can purchase the "Advanced" version of DAZ Studio at a discounted price and enjoy even more options than what's available in the free version.

Dreamlight 3D Club — The Dreamlight 3D Club is the best place to find low cost training for beginners on how to use DAZ 3D's DAZ Studio software, as well as other 3D applications such as Carrara and Vue.  The community forum discussion also includes modeling, lighting, texturing as well as postwork in your 2D graphics application to finalize your 3D renders.  There's a low monthly membership fee, and once a member you can purchase the "live" proessional training for an equally low cost monthly fee.  Come and join the fun in this friendly professional atmosphere.

Ann-S-Thesia — Ann Stratton has one of the more eclectic styles when it comes to graphics work and her site, though it's gone through several redesigns in the past six years since I first discovered it, was one of two graphic design sites that gave me the inspiration to try web design myself.  She also has some great plugin presets for download, many of which I've used in my own designs.  Now she offers much more, and her site is worth a look-see.

The Dingbat Cave — Another of Ann Stratton's sites.  Here you can find some of the most unique dingbat fonts on the 'Net created by Ann and/or her husband Stan Starbuck.  Her prices are reasonable, and I can tell you from personal experience, they're of high quality, many of which I've used to design a good number of my Linkware designer sets.

Kitty Wompuss Designs — Wompie has beautiful Victorian style web sets on her web design site, and if you're into blinkies (who isn't into blinkies?), be sure to check out Wompie Blinkies.  Oh, and take a moment to look in the last section on this page for links to her PSP Tutorials and PSP Tubes site.

Design-Trade — Amalea is a very talented lady I met in one of my online graphics forums.  Not only does she offer web design templates, this lady works in vector graphics, mostly with Corel Draw, and let me tell you she a great illustrator.  At the beginning of 2005, Amalea was contracted to create about 25-30 Kids and Technology clipart images for a large online clipart repository, and they are all wonderful.

Dana Lea's Graphics — Dana Lea has some really lovely web sets.  When in design mode, she can produce several in a few days, so she has quite a large selection for you to choose from. — Lucie has a nice selection of brushes for both Photoshop and PSP, tileable background textures, as well as dingbats, some of which can be used in creating web designs. — Dizzie has a very large, varied site, so I've linked to her Sitemap to make it easier for you to find all her goodies.  Her collection of PSP tutorials are some of the nicest I've had the pleasure to try over the years while perfecting my graphic abilities.

Mike Bonnell's Wallpaper — A huge selection of abstract and etheral computer wallpaper graphics.  This gentleman's artistry inspired me to start fooling around with Bryce 3D, so If you are as enthralled with 3D graphics as I am, than Mike's site is a definite must see.  Just check out the Community Gallery to see them.  There's lots of free computer wallpaper, and even more for those who join the Community.

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International Webmasters Association — An excellent organization to belong to if you are serious about being a web professional.  Some of the IWA Web Professional designations are, Site Designer, Server Administrator, E-Commerce Specialist, Internetworking Specialist, Enterprise Developer, Security Specialist and Application Developer.  See link just below this one for IWA's sister site HWG.

HTML Writers Guild — An excellent organization to belong to if you are serious about learning 'Net technologies.  HWG is the place to go for online certification for webmasters.  There's a large variety of classes towards Graphics and Multimedia, Web Technologies, Web Programming, as well as Web Business certificates.  The cost of classes are greatly reduced for members, and joining HWG automatically gives you membership in it's sister site IWA (see above link).

CSS-Discussion List — This is a very active email list for discussing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  Whether you're a newbie to W3C compliance and separating form from content, or have some experience, this discussion list is a must.  They have a huge searchable Wiki for answers to your questions.  Within two weeks of joining this group, I was able to validate my current site design and get it to work as intended.  I recommend it highly.

Developer.Com — A great resource for all manner of coding for the 'Net.

CGI Resource Index — The CGI Resource Index is a great wealth of CGI scripts useful in web site design. Definitely worth a visit.

Matt's Script Archive — I found this link at the above site. Matt Wright has compiled a great resource for CGI Script code.  Most commonly used of his scripts are his and guestbook.cgi scripts.  Definitely another must see for anyone serious about CGI scripts in Perl, C and other scripting languages.

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Wompie Tuts — Wompie's a long-time friend whose tutorials are some of my favorites.  While you're there, be sure to check out her Wompie Tubes as well.

Shelly's Designs — Shelly is the first online friend I made, and over the years, has been a lady who's constant friendship I've grown to admire.  Aside from her love of 3D graphics (check out her Poser forum), she has also written some PSP tutorials which I'm sure you'll find fun to do.

Jane's Tolein' In PSP — Jane is a very talented lady who has taken her ability to paint in the Tole method, and translate it into Tole painting with PSP.  This is a great site with a reasonable membership and a lot of tutorials to learn how to create wonderful graphics in this unique style.  Oh and for those who are enamored of pixel images, do check out Jane's Pixel Patch.

Suze Dezignz — Sue is a long-time personal friend who, together with her husband Jim, own a successful web design business.  Although her personal site is currently being redesigned, do visit her site again and see what she has to offer.

Lynne's Designs — Lynne offers royalty free graphics for commercial or non-commercial use including linkware websets, web page graphics, outlook express stationery, 3D Paint Shop Pro and Poser tubes.  I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit and find something you like.

Glori Anon & Web Warriors — Glori's another long-time friend who has a huge web site covering her web design business as well as links to PSP information and goodies, and links to her main loves, all things sci/fi, fantasy and her cats.

LJG Design.Com — Lisa, has two areas of interest on her site, her Graphic Designs where she offers offers PSP tutorials & tubes, linkware web sets, desktop wallpapers and much more.  The other area of her site is her Design Shop where she offers premade signature tags & adoptions, as well as a selection of printables for your craft, small business or personal needs.

Darian Border Collies & Web Design — Sheila is a lovely lady living across the pond, as they say, who breeds and raises Border Collies, so if you're interested in this lovely breed of dog, check out her site too.  Sheila also designs custom web sites for other breeders and clubs, so if you also happen to breed Border Collies and are looking for a web presence, or want to update the look of your current web site, Shiela is the person to contact.

Theda's Eclectic Pages — Theda has a little bit of everything on her site, so grab a cup of coffee and stay a while.

Rainbow Row Graphics — Pat has a wide variety of beautifully constructed web sets for use on your personal web site, as well as some the most adorable PSP tubes I've ever seen.

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