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My Terms of Use are quite straight forward.  Unless specified otherwise, my designer web sets (other than those posted in my Purchaseware area) are linkware, and as such are only for use on personal web sites.  If you wish to use any of my Linkware web sets for a commerical web site or need customization, please use my Contact Form.  As the name implies, linkware requires that you place the coordinating linkback graphic on each and every page on which you use one of my designer web sets, or any part thereof.  I have already provided the linkback code to Miss B's Creations and the coordinating linkback graphic within the XHTML code supplied in the zip file for each set).

I retain the copyright to all of Miss B's designer web sets, and therefore they may NOT be added to any CD or online web set collection.  You must save all images by downloading them, the HTML page setup and instructions included in the downloadable zip file, unzipping and saving them to your own hard drive.  You should then upload them to your own server.  Do NOT link directly to the graphics on my server because, for one thing, I often change the names of files and/or directories on my server, and you will wind up with a missing graphic (or several missing graphics) on your web site.  Very often new Internet and World Wide Web denizens don't realize that site owners who offer web graphics of any kind such as the graphics included in my designer web sets, have to pay for their web space and the amount of hits we have per month.  There's also a limit as to the amount of bandwidth we can use per month while visitors to our site are hitting our web pages.  If you remotely link to our graphics, each time those graphics are viewed on your site, they are actually being viewed from our sites, and therefore adding to the amount of bandwidth being used.  Many a site owner has had the plug pulled on her/his site by her/his hosting company because of this kind of abuse, even though it is those who are directly linking to their graphics that are causing the abuse.

I cannot abide having my designer web sets gracing web pages that offer any pornographic materials, or racial and/or ethnic slurs anywhere on the site, therefore, I will not grant permission for the use any of my designer web sets on such sites.  I also will not grant permission to use any of these sets on a site that has links to other sites that contain any pronography, racial and/or ethnic slurs.  My designer web sets were created with family-oriented viewing in mind, and I will avidly enforce this criteria.  I would never want to see any of these things on any site that contains any of my hard work, and ask that you please refrain from adding any of these aforementioned items on your site.

If you cannot agree to these Terms of Use, I would appreciate it if you would go somewhere else to obtain your web site graphics, and not use mine.  There are plenty of sites on the Web that offer generic graphics for use in building web sites, that don't necessarily have these restrictions.

If you do agree to these Terms of Use, thank you for your interest in requesting one of my designer web sets, and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  If you do, in fact, request one of my designer web sets and use it on your web site, please send me the url of your site once you have it up and running, and I'll come visit and see what you have done with it.  I'm planning to place a link list on my site with all the urls to sites that are using Miss B's Creations on their web pages, and I would like to add your site to the list.

Note:  This web site created and maintained by Miss B's Graphics.  All graphics and page design within this domain are made by and copyrighted to Miss B's Graphics, and unless otherwise stated, are NOT to be copied or removed from this site without express written permission from the owner of Miss B's Graphics.