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I first became interested in creating graphics while working with desktop publishing software to create my own greeting cards, but after receiving my Computer Information Systems in Programming degree, I took a left turn into web design because I really enjoyed graphic work more than just sitting there writing computer code all day long.  Of course, over the years my programming background has kept me in good stead while applying my programming knowledge towards the web.  An online friend of mine refers to herself as the eternal student, but I can easily claim that title myself, as I'm always taking classes to keep my knowledge of web technologies and programming as up-to-date as possible.

I have for the past five or so years been highly active in an online graphics forum, and for the past three years have moderated online classes for those new to the graphics software program Paint Shop Pro.  Although I use a large number of 2D and 3D graphics software, when it comes to creating something quick and easy, PSP is still my graphics software of choice.  That said, I'm going to let the graphic links below tell you where and how I've made my presence felt on the 'Net.

Miss B's Graphics has only received a few awards in the past few years my site has been on the Web, but I'm proud of them, and hope to receive more awards as I redesign and expand Miss B's to include a more varied selection of graphics for your enjoyment.

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Thanks to Graphic Buds and Phenomenal Women for honoring Miss B's.

Graphic Buds Site on Parade Phenominal Women Of The Web Creativity Award

Thanks to Theda's Eclectic Pages for these two awards.

Emerald Award Of Excellence Diamond Award For Excellence

I've also joined several forums . . . some are informational, and some are just for fun.  I'm sure that as I expand my home on the Web, I'll be joining more such groups, and hope that you enjoy visiting them as you surf.

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Come join the fun at DAZ 3D.  Membership is free, so click the banner above to join, and then download their free DAZ Studio 3D environment and let the fun begin!  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page at DAZ and save the PDF Manual for an intro on how to use DAZ Studio.  Also be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the download page for a link to a free pack of content you can use in DAZ Studio.

This web site created and maintained by Miss B's Graphics.  All graphics and page design within this domain are made by and copyrighted to Miss B's Graphics, and unless otherwise stated, are NOT to be copied or removed from this site without express written permission from the owner of Miss B's Graphics.