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November 2008 — I have restructed the site some,
so please check to see if you need to update your links and bookmarks.

October 2008 — Tweaking the site in hopes of making it easier to navigate.

June 2008 — It's now easier to become a 3D artist!  Just click the banner below and join the fun!

For more information, check out my links page.

May 2008 — New fractal images added to my Gallery.

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When digital artists work hard to create something really beautiful, it becomes frustrating and upsetting to see those wonderful creations appearing somewhere else on the Internet WITHOUT the artists permission.  Yet, digital theft happens everyday.  The logo links below access important information concerning the meaning of copyright and web netiquette.  If you've ever had your work stolen from your site, or are hesitant about displaying your hard work on the Internet for this very reason, then you should arm yourself with as much information as possible so that you can defend yourself from this abuse.

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Often events occur that profoundly affect our lives, and make us stop and think.  One such event was the decimation of the Twin Towers on September 11th.  I know we as members of the human race cannot forgive, but we should also never forget.

9/11 Tribute

I light this candle in memory of a wonderful person who lit up a whole community with his wit, and his willingness to help others. R.I.P. Jeff, you will be missed.

In Honor of my friend Jeff

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